Sura’s Coaching Programs

Sura’s coaching programs inspire people to create purposeful change by expanding their vision of what is possible. Her unique offerings maximize potential through wisdom, wellness and insight.

Sura’s experiential programs empower people to create a lifestyle that supports their core purpose. She provides basic life tools and direct experiences to inspire her clients to breakthrough to new levels of health and awareness.

Sura specializes in working with leaders or Executives.  Group coaching is available online.   Please contact for more info.

Why it works

About Coaching

Knowing what you want and getting there:

Coaching is a collaborative process between coach and client to accelerate a client’s growth and learning. It is a transformative experience of self-discovery that expands one’s ability to succeed and improve performance. Having a coach focus on your career and life goals can greatly enhance growth and success.

A Coach creates a space so that a Client can:

  • Gain higher awareness and clarity
  • Determine goals in-line with core values
  • Create effective action plans for higher, sustained performance

A Coach does this by:

  • Creating a safe space for the client
  • Deep listening beyond words
  • Providing feedback and reflection
  • Asking powerful questions
  • Providing clarity and focus for goals and core values
  • Supporting the client in meeting his/her needs and goals

What you can expect from Coaching:

  • A healthier existence
  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Greater well-being and balance
  • Improved decision making abilities
  • Access to higher levels of creative ability and intuition
  • Lasting positive change and results